Square 1 Music Studio
"The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul."--J.S. Bach

Serving Shenandoah, Warren, and Frederick County Students
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Est. 2006-2018
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Piano Lessons:

At Square 1 Music Studio, Instructor, Rita Lowder, has a passion for teaching and helping your child gain a holistic understanding of music, following in the Russian style of teaching and technique.

 We believe in giving our students the very best possible instruction through custom-designed, one-on-one instruction, tailored to each student's unique needs and desires.

Students learn both improvisational and classical methods of piano playing using the fundamentals of music which include sight reading, ear training, and theory, beginning at "Square 1".
Performance needs:

Do you need a pianist for your wedding, reception, grand opening event, or 
business meeting?  A great way to 
create the perfect ambiance is through 
live music. 

Rita Lowder has performed and 
accompanied at weddings, 
graduations, church services, 
church functions, funerals, network meetings,
and other important events.

Style of music performed is sacred, 
classical, improvisation, and light jazz.

Call to reserve for your next event.

(540) 539-7482

Mission Statement:

This studio was designed to train the mind and body of each student
through ear training, theory, technique, sight reading, performances and
other motivational tools for the purpose of refreshing the soul
and bringing glory to God, the giver of all talent.

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