Square 1 Music Studio

"My greatest fear is not that I'll end up as a failure, but that I'll succeed at the things that really don't matter." --Unknown--



Piano Adventures. The studio uses the following books for each student's lesson: Lesson, Theory, Recital, and Technique and Artistry.

The studio holds five performances throughout the year.

The first performance is the Thanksgiving Repertoire at the instructor's home, this event is just for students, and includes some educational aspect in addition to the student's performances. The students receive progress reports at this event. NOTE:This is the only studio performance that counts as a student's lesson.

The second performance students can participate in is the Christmas performance.  In former years it has been a Christmas recital given for the parents, however, the studio has expanded its vision, and now organizes a public performance at Westminster Canterbury's Bistro Restaurant.  It is a delightful experience for all the students that have participated in this event.  It allows the student to perform as many songs as he is able to prepare.  Additionally, the setting is such that the "pressure" of performing is nonexistent.

The third performance is a festival performance hosted by THE NATIONAL FEDERATION OF MUSIC CLUBS.  This provides students with the opportunity to be evaluated by someone other than his teacher, receiving feedback, another public performance, and awards. Only some students are entered in this event. 

The forth performance is a June recital and awards ceremony that is given for parents and other guests.  The Spring recitals are the highlight of the year for all involved. Songs are performed from memory, students are dressed in formal attire, and awards are presented.

The fifth performance, is an outdoor performance in Strasburg.  This outside performance presents some wonderful opportunities for the students to perform in a low pressure setting, and to perform a variety of songs that they have been learning. 

There is no age limit to any of the performances, all are welcome and encouraged to perform and gain the experience and confidence that each event brings.

A: Yes, this year, the studio has added a course for student to learn these essential skills.  Using the method of Yoke Wong, the students have the opportunity to the following skills:

Pentatonic Scale and Improvisation
Whole Tone Scale and Improvisation
Black Keys and Improvisation
Chords and Improvisation
Playing by Ear
Right and Left Hand Arrangement Techniques
Color Chords
Chord Substitutions
Modes and Improvisation
Gospel Style
New Age style
Blues Improvisation
Transposition and Modulations