Square 1 Music Studio

updated: August 2018


1. Payment is due by the 10th of each month, if payment is made after the 10th, please include a $15 late fee. 

2. Payment is made to reserve a lesson time from week to week, not the instruction given.   Tuition includes lessons and performances throughout the year. 

3.  In the event of a bounced check, the client will be assessed a $35 "bad check fee" and payment will be on a cash basis thereafter. 


1. Enrollment is a year- long commitment. Should a client drop, he is responsible to cover the remaining balance owed on the tuition for the year. 

2.  Clients that fail to follow standard studio policy, by asking for exceptions to the rules, or making unreasonable demands, will be asked the leave the studio permanently.  No refunds will be given for dismissal of a client. 

3. Clients are expected to participate in all scheduled performances, unless special exceptions have been made with the instructor prior to the event. 

Inclement Weather: 

The studio does not operate on a standard school closing schedule.  In  the event of school being cancelled, lessons will be given as usual.  If the client is unable to make it safely to lessons, AND the instructor is notified before the scheduled lesson, a student may request a make-up lesson.  

If the instructor is NOT notified via phone or text in a timely manner, the student will not receive a make-up. The client will be responsible to pay for the no-show lesson. 

No make-ups are given for no-shows. 


1. The studio calendar has incorporated 3 additional lessons into the calendar year. 

2. A client may miss up to 3 lessons for any reason without requiring an additional scheduled make-up.  Thirty-five lessons and performances are scheduled into the calendar year. Thirty-two are calculated into the tuition, three are schedule as built-in make-ups.

3. Additional lessons missed for any reason, will not receive a make-up. 

4. If a client fails to notify the instructor of a missed lesson, it will be counted towards "lessons given," and the client will pay the weekly lesson rate for that lesson. 

5. If a client notifies the instructor in a timely manner of an upcoming missed lesson, the instructor will mark it towards his three "missed lessons".

6. Additional lessons, beyond the three missed lessons, will not be made up.

7. If the instructor cancels, all lessons will be made up in a timely manner.