Square 1 Music Studio

"The highest 
you can give 
is the referral 
of a friend." 


1. Purchase books and sheet music: Sheet Music Plus (see link on this website)

2. Local music store: Music & Arts, Sudley Road, Manassas, VA (703) 361-0149, www.musicandarts.com

3. Piano Tuner: David Foster, (540) 539-1753,

4. Electronic Repairman: Harmony Electronics, amplification and keyboard sales and service: Dennis Whitacre (540) 869-5413, Stephens City

5. Sheet Music Download: Musicnotes.com for instant, printable sheet music

6. Music equipment and supplies: Sweetwater Music, (800) 222-4700

7. College-Level Piano Teacher, Sharon Vold, (540) 686-7919, svoldmusicstudio@gmail.com, Stephenson, VA. I recommend Sharon for those wanting to study music levels 8 and above, or  for those looking for a teacher closer to their location.

8. College-Level Piano Teacher: Susan Ticknor, training beginning to advance piano students, offering instruction in Winchester, VA, (
607) 316-5546, e-mail: ticknor5@rocketmail.com

9. In depth study on Improvisation, A 6 DVD course by Yoke Yong, 877-287-1528, (This is a superior course for anyone at any level to take, the best product on the topic.) Her website contains much valuable information on a number of different music topics. www.pianomother.com

From Rita's interaction and experience in the music arena, she can highly recommend the aforementioned individuals or companies as being the best in their field.