Square 1 Music Studio
"A customer is not dependent on us, we are dependent on him. 
A customer is not an interruption of our work, he is the 
purpose of it."
--Leon Leonwood ("L.L.") Bean


"Our children have excelled under Rita's tutelage. Her knowledge and skill coupled with the high standard she hold for each of her students, truly bring out the best in them. She not only teaches them music, but recognizes their God-given gifts and talents and encourages them to pursue them. We have been very pleased with Rita as a music teacher and recommend her to all of our friends."
Melissa Ellison,
VA State Manger for
Classical Conversations

"My daughter had been playing piano for a year when she started lessons with Rita.  She had a good foundation before Rita and loved piano.  Rita has taken that love of music and honed it.  She challenges and inspires my daughter to constantly improve and she makes music fun.  Rita is the kind of teacher I wish I had had when I was growing up."

Suzanne Sukhram
Freelance writer and homeschooling mom

Learning to play an instrument is a critical aspect of our children’s education, and we are thankful that a teacher of Rita Lowder’s caliber has come into their lives. Music lessons with Rita are also life lessons. Not only has she opened our children’s eyes to the beauty, joy, and fun of music, she has taught them about work ethic, perseverance, and character. Priceless!

Lisa and Joe Selner
Owners, Lisa Selner Creative
Direct mail & email fundraising for non-profit organizations

"Mrs. Lowder is kind and a good teacher"
(a statement straight from my daughter's heart.)

My youngest daughter's first year has come with challenges and Rita has been delightful to watch while she gently and humorously cheers her on, motivating her to press forward. Thank you for impacting my children to LOVE music!"

Suzanne Soliday, Homeschooling mom